Easter @ PCEFC

Dear Faith Family,

I wanted to share with you that for the next couple of weeks leading into Summer, we will be looking at several books of the Bible from the section known as the “Minor Prophets.” I am calling this series, “Major Messages from the Minor Prophets.”

The terms “Major Prophets” and “Minor Prophets” are simply a way to divide the Old Testament prophetic books. The Major Prophets are described as “major” because their books are longer and the content has broad, even global implications. The Minor Prophets are described as “minor” because their books are typically shorter and the content is more narrowly focused. That does not mean the Minor Prophets are any less inspired than the Major Prophets. God in His wisdom just chose to reveal more to the Major Prophets than He did to the Minor Prophets.

In many people’s Bibles, the least navigated section is the Minor Prophets. Yet, God has given them to us as His Word and there is much valuable content to be studied in them. We learn of God’s holiness, wrath, grace, and mercy in each of these books. Our study will take a broad look at the main themes of several of the Minor Prophets and how the message of the books applies to us, today.

The first book we will study is the little book of Haggai. I encourage you to read that book at least once this week (it only has 2 chapters) before we look at its message on Sunday.

I love you and am privileged to serve you!

Pastor Joel